Richard Rocek

richardFrom beginning his early years as a musician trained in classical piano to touring internationally at age 16, playing in Musicals like Grease, Footloose and Annie and working with some of Australia’s hottest talents from shows like X-Factor and The Voice, he is now a strong player in the music industry and continues to help guide and mentor young students along the way. Having completed two degrees in music from JMC Academy not only has Richard excelled theoretically but practically as well working through all styles of music from Big Band to R&B and Heavy Metal. Learn to play with style, feel, creativity and finesse through tuition from The Band Booth and open up the doors to new aspects of playing the drums through lessons like Groove Vocabulary, Accent and Feel Studies, Rudimental Studies, Odd Time, World Grooves, Polyrhythmic Studies plus more. Get in touch today to get working with an up and coming musician.
Some of his teachers and mentors he’s worked with can include:

Gerry Pantazis – (Tommy Emmanuel, Guy Sebastian, David Campbell…)
Tony Royster Jr – (Jay-Z, Big Sean, ASAP, Jonas…)
Sonny Emory – (Earth Wind and Fire, B52′s, Steely Dan…)
Jason Bittner – (Shadows Fall)
George Kollias – (Nile, Karl Sanders)
Dom Famularo – (BB King, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich Big Band…)
Ronald Bruner Jr – (Stanley Clarke, Suicidal Tendencies…)
Thomas Pridgen – (The Memorials, Thundercat, Mars Volta…)
Dave Weckl – (Michael Jackson, Chick Corea, Madonna…)
Thomas Lang – (Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Bonnie Tyler…)
Virgil Donati – (Steve Vai, Mick Jagger, Planet X…)
John Riley – (Mel Louis, Joe Cocker, Miles Davis…)
Mike Mangini – (Dream Theatre, Extreme, Joe Satriani…)
Horacio Hernandez – (Santana, John Patitucci, Tito Puente…)
Steve Smith – (Journey, Tom Coster, Mariah Carey…)
David Jones – (David Campbell, James Morrison)
Billy Ward – (Joan Osbourne, Bill Evans, Yoko Ono..)
Mark Schulman – (P!nk, Cher, Billy Idol…)

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