Drum Kit

Drum Kit hire (rehearsals only)


P.A Hire

Passive 500 watt yamaha P.a’s available for hire. Includes 2x wharfedale speakers and 500 watt yamaha mixer. stands and mics available upon request.( requires a $200 bond)

per 24 hours

Guitar Amp

Fender blues Junior 15watt. (rehearsals only)


Keyboard/Bass amp

Roland cube 100 vintage. (rehearsals only)


RCF powered monitor

Small and powerful monitors for use in room 3,4,5



Fender Tele (american) Dimarzio fast track bridge pickup



Yamaha Sy22, Alesis Qs6, Korg Karma,


Digital Piano

Roland Rd 700sx


Kick Drum Mic

Sure Kick mic