The saying “practice makes perfect” applies to every endeavour or skill that a person wants to tap, learning to play musical instruments included. If you want to be a musician, you have to learn it with passion and devote time to practices. Of course, you have to adhere to some guidelines too if you want to be better in your chosen field. How will you be able to do that?

Be willing to learn

Many of us have that thinking that when we already know something then it is useless to go through that learning over and over again. This is a wrong attitude towards enhancing one’s musical skills. If you want to be a better musician, you need to have that willingness or the urge to learn more. You should never stress about your background on any familiar topic and imply that you should proceed to the next. Take things one step at a time.

Focus during lessons and listen to your instructor’s guidance

You cannot simply sit there and listen to your music instructor. You have to be there by heart and you have to pay attention to what you are doing. You should focus on every lesson that you learn making sure that you will not proceed to the next unless you have mastered the previous one. Also, when an instructor introduces you to each lesson, you should always listen.

Most of us fail on the aspect of understanding what is in store for us in the lessons that we learn. When learning to become a musician, we may commit the same mistake too. Sometimes, if we are seated in a class with other people, we would feel ashamed if we are left behind. This can be a reason for the instructor to presume that you already know the lesson even when you have not understood it by heart. It takes time to process new learning and it is important to understand and learn at your own pace.

Accept that it takes time

Accept that learning to become a better musician is not an overnight thing. It takes money, effort and time to realise your goals of being good in this chosen field of endeavour. It may be true that you can easily grasp tunes and melodies just by listening to a song. In fact, if you are really musically-inclined, there is a tendency that you would be able to learn the rhythm in a few minutes. However, you have to remember that if you want to be better, hands-on repetition is required. This is the only way you will be able to develop your skills at the same time stabilise your abilities.

Relax and open your mind

There can be a tendency that you will feel excited when learning to become a musician. At times, you can be very nervous about the many possibilities too. It can be because of the questions you have at the back of your mind. Anticipation and apprehension are two of your enemies, regardless of whether these are considered the exact opposites of each other. In both cases, you need to relax. When relaxing, you should be able to focus on how your body will become stable as you play. You should feel the groove and go with the flow. Just make sure you will not overdo it though.

When releasing some tension from the body, you should consider focusing on every part that is involved with playing. It is not just the hands or fingers that usually strike the piano, strum the guitar and bang the drums that would always be tensed when playing a musical instrument. All of your other body parts – from the arms, shoulders and neck to the face, legs, mouth and feet – will need some relaxation.

Be in control

You would only be able to do that if you learn how to focus on the right amount of speed that you need whilst practising. You should gain the control that you need when playing the musical instrument of your choice. Never go too fast or you would not be able to appreciate the essence of hard work that comes with learning to become a better musician. Take things slowly but surely and you will definitely develop that sense of control that will truly gratify you later on.

Invest in practice

Investment in this case comes in many forms. You should invest a considerable amount of time with practise and an equally considerable amount of effort to learn and appreciate what you are doing. Topping that however, you should also consider investing on the right venues that will teach you how to play musical instruments at your own pace and according to your needs and capabilities.

Today, we encourage you to consider learning from professional instructors working in elite music studios like ours. When you invest with us, you can be sure that you will get your money’s worth and become a better musician!