Tammy Brittaine


Tutoring Subjects Available: (Private lessons only):

* Violin/Music Theory

* Vocals/Music Theory

* Music Theory

Software Subjects Available (Private Lessons only):

* Sibelius Music Notation Program

* Ableton Live Performance Program


$55 per hour or $30 per half hour

Vocal Lessons

These lessons will suit students who are interested in developing healthy singing techniques, vocal performance and music theory. The Estill vocal training method will help you discover your ultimate expressive skills, in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

Violin Lessons (Beginner- Grade 3 Level AMEB)

These lessons will cover pitch control, rhythm, sight reading, musical expression, bow techniques and music theory. Students will be given the option to participate in Australian Music Examination Board Exams to gain experience and encourage self discipline within their passion for music.

Ableton Live Lessons (Beginner)

These lessons will cover the basic concepts of the software, allowing the student to understand the ins and outs of the program. Students will gain an understanding of a context in which music technology is currently used for contemporary music performance, and will gain experience with the technical process which enables the merging of technologies such as Ableton Live into their own creative work.

Sibelius Lessons (Beginner)

These lessons will teach students how to basically operate the music notation program. Music Theory and an instrumental background is encouraged, but despite this basic music theory will be taught within the lessons. Students will learn how to correctly create sheet music for a variety of instruments which may be used as lead sheets, chord charts or scores for small to large ensembles.

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